Waldo - "Home Again"

We’re honored to host Cincinnati, Ohio producer/composer Waldo from Cincinnati for this second installment of the Single Series, his uplifting instrumental “Home Again.” This is dirty, catchy and soaring work from an artist we’ll be featuring more of in the near future.

From Word is Bond: “… the kind of track so full of vitality, from it’s energetic break beat to its lark-song like horns and woodwind, that would make a wholesome breakfast if it were composed of micronutrients and not transduced sound waves and such. Think of your favourite instrumental interlude from a Dexter Wansel LP, or any funk-soul record of the era, and you’ll get an idea of what Waldo is channeling with this seasonal composition.”

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Cover art here is courtesy of The Memetic Supply Co.

Mastered by Walter Westinghouse for NEKtones in beautiful Burlington, Vermont.

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