• Louis Mackey - "Silex Scintillans"

    Something new from Louis Mackey, a bleak and beautifully understated soundtrack for our downward spiral into winter. “Silex Scintillans” is a reminder that moments of clarity usually hurt.

    Word is Bond: “…Mackey returns to the World Around Records Single Series after his track ‘Daytime Auguries‘ was featured a few weeks back. The beat on ‘Silex Scintillans’ is noticeably minimal and sombre in comparison but the discourse is just as piercing, as critical fancy and other negligible whims are given perspective against the cold nature of the universe. Perhaps. You can never be sure with World Around Records.”

    This was produced, recorded and mixed by Louis Mackey. Big thanks again to Michael Mocksary at Chowder Labs for doing quality mastering work.

    Cover art here is courtesy of The Memetic Supply Co.

  • Adam Kadmon - "Private Tigers"

    New music from Adam Kadmon is a rare and momentous event. It is also a complicated process, a maze of midnight meetings, analog tapes, and mysterious envelopes. Based on the postmark, Kadmon is currently located in Burma. That’s about all we know about him these days.

    If you dig the method and the madness here, check out his recent EP, The Mysterious Spectacles of Adam Kadmon, Vol. 1 - he has recently threatened us with “way more of that stuff,” so expect stranger horizons in the near future.

    Cover art here is courtesy of The Memetic Supply Co.

  • Penumbra - "Bahr Negasi"

    We’re debuting another new producer for sixth installment of the Single Series: globe-trotting gentleman of mystery, Penumbra. Submitted for your taste buds, an East African funk explosion with complex spice overtones and tasty drum programming.

    Penumbra is a fully licensed farm to table operation, recorded, mixed and mastered for International Space Fugitives. (More about them, soon.)

    Cover art here is courtesy of The Memetic Supply Co.

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