Louis Mackey - "Silex Scintillans"

Nov 19, 2014

Something new from Louis Mackey, a bleak and beautifully understated soundtrack for our downward spiral into winter. “Silex Scintillans” is a reminder that moments of clarity usually hurt.

Word is Bond: “…Mackey returns to the World Around Records Single Series after his track ‘Daytime Auguries‘ was featured a few weeks back. The beat on ‘Silex Scintillans’ is noticeably minimal and sombre in comparison but the discourse is just as piercing, as critical fancy and other negligible whims are given perspective against the cold nature of the universe. Perhaps. You can never be sure with World Around Records.”

This was produced, recorded and mixed by Louis Mackey. Big thanks again to Michael Mocksary at Chowder Labs for doing quality mastering work.

Cover art here is courtesy of The Memetic Supply Co.

Adam Kadmon - "Private Tigers"

Nov 12, 2014

New music from Adam Kadmon is a rare and momentous event. It is also a complicated process, a maze of midnight meetings, analog tapes, and mysterious envelopes. Based on the postmark, Kadmon is currently located in Burma. That’s about all we know about him these days.

If you dig the method and the madness here, check out his recent EP, The Mysterious Spectacles of Adam Kadmon, Vol. 1 - he has recently threatened us with “way more of that sort of stuff,” so expect stranger horizons in the near future.

Cover art here is courtesy of The Memetic Supply Co.

Penumbra - "Bahr Negasi"

Nov 05, 2014

We’re debuting another new producer for sixth installment of the Single Series: globe-trotting gentleman of mystery, Penumbra. Submitted for your taste buds, an East African funk explosion with complex spice overtones and tasty drum programming.

Penumbra is a fully licensed farm to table operation, recorded, mixed and mastered for International Space Fugitives. (More about them, soon.)

Cover art here is courtesy of The Memetic Supply Co.

Curly Castro & Steel Tipped Dove - "Tin Tin"

Oct 29, 2014

Philly emcee Curly Castro and NYC producer Steel Tipped Dove team up for a lucid nightmare of sharp, jagged sounds and puzzle box bars. Both of these artists have fierce solo catalogs. If you’re not hip to the Brody EP or Wu-Tang Pulp, you’re in for a treat; Castro is a beast of a poet. NYC producer Steel Tipped Dove just dropped a solo album, Nothing Touches the Ground Here, and it’s an ambitious headtrip.

Cover art here is courtesy of the awesome Jus-FCA for FCA Designs.

Skywise - "Leisure Suit"

Oct 22, 2014

We’re grateful to introduce a new producer on our roster, Skywise, a hermit and a scholar who lives in the forest, chops real records, and bangs out beats on Akai pads that are older than some of you reading this right now. He’s currently working on a new project for us called International Space Fugitives, a collaboration with his partner in crime, Penumbra. (More on him, soon.)

As always, if you want to contact these cats: holler@worldaroundrecords.com is open for business.

This was sampled off vinyl and sequenced on MPC and mixed down by Skywise in the backwoods of Vermont. Big thanks to Michael Mocksary for mastering this at Chowder Labs in Boston.

Cover art here is courtesy of The Memetic Supply Co.

Louis Mackey -"Daytime Auguries"

Oct 15, 2014

Louis Mackey returns with a resounding facemelter, “Daytime Auguries.” As the coming months will demonstrate, Lou has a great deal to say and there is a Blitzkrieg of new material on the horizon.

In addition to his imposing solo album, recording has wrapped on No Humans Allowed II and those files have been shipped to Custom for finalization. Nescit vox missa reverti.

The World Around Single Series is powered by a global network of…well, actually this one was 100% Louis Mackey: the beat, the raps, the recording, the mixing, the master print. Respect the Architect.

Cover art is courtesy of The Memetic Supply Co.

Waldo - "Home Again"

Oct 08, 2014

We’re honored to host Cincinnati, Ohio producer / composer Waldo for this second installment of the Single Series, his uplifting instrumental “Home Again.” This is dirty, catchy and soaring work from an artist we’ll be featuring more of in the near future.

Word is Bond: “…the kind of track so full of vitality, from it’s energetic break beat to its lark-song like horns and woodwind, that would make a wholesome breakfast if it were composed of micronutrients and not transduced sound waves and such. Think of your favourite instrumental interlude from a Dexter Wansel LP, or any funk-soul record of the era, and you’ll get an idea of what Waldo is channeling with this seasonal composition.”

The World Around Single Series is powered by a global network of allies and co-conspirators.

Cover art here is courtesy of The Memetic Supply Co.

Mastered by Walter Westinghouse for NEKtones in beautiful Burlington, Vermont.

Louis Mackey - "Magician in the Mountain"

Oct 01, 2014

The World Around Wednesdays single series has returned, leading off with a triumphant lucid dream from our poet laureate Louis Mackey.

The beatsmithery here is courtesy of Dr. Quandary, and the cover art came from our usual contractor, The Memetic Supply Co. This jam here was mastered (through a TEAC A-3340s) by Walter Westinghouse for NEKtones in beautiful Burlington, Vermont.

The Mysterious Spectacles of Adam Kadmon Vol. 1

Aug 26, 2014

These songs and instrumental pieces were collected between the dark winter of 2010 and late 2012 during fleeting, infrequent interactions with the rap hermit/electrician who goes by the name of Adam Kadmon.

Running at under sixteen minutes, there doesn’t appear to be any traditional “sampling” on the EP — only psychedelic vocal and synth manipulations, oscillating between avant-garde hip hop and veritable classical motifs offered up as interludes. The lyrics are as good as ever if you can catch the loose, symbolic and serpentine narratives. Yet, the original man, behind the mask, still remains a mystery.

Still, Adam Kadmon promises us: new music looms. In the confines of his new studio shelter, experimentation is ongoing and writing never stops. We expect to have a second serving of these unique flavors in early 2015.

FDR - Destroyer of All Things

Jun 24, 2014

From mitochondria to militaries, from your breakfast to your bloodstream, FDR’s first single is a song about the slaughterhouse we take for granted because we live in it every day. Featuring Godforbid (That Handsome Devil) and Thirtyseven (Wombaticus Rex) summoning demons over a driving Louis Mackey beat, this is a blues rap meditation on The Way of All Flesh.

That cosmic cover art is courtesy of Californian illustrator Michael Salas, who generally works with death/speed/thrash metal bands. We think he is completely awesome and we’re grateful he exists. FDR’s first EP is available now, featuring production by Louis Mackey and Dr. Quandary: “Fear of Death and the Need for Reproduction.


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