Zilla Rocca - Full Spectrum 2 (VIDEO + EP)

Aug 21, 2012

Zilla Rocca debuted his new video over at Passion of the Weiss yesterday. From PotW:

The rap game Sam Spade … returns with Has-Lo and Open Mike Eagle for “Full Spectrum 2.” Maybe the best part of the rise of otherground rap is the demise of the mean-mugs that dogged every old video. Not everyone can be Roc Marciano. After all, rap is rooted in the summer jam, and this might be one of the most joyous clips any of these three have released. … Philadelphia in the blazing sun, cold beers, red brick buildings and backyards play the backdrop. Cool as a menthol. Mike Eagle closes with the John Tenta finishing move.

In honor of the video, Zilla compiled the different versions of Full Spectrum into a single release. The Full Spectrum EP includes the original track and sequel produced by Dr. Quandary, along with remixes from Man Mantis and L’Orange. Even if you’ve heard it all before, it’s definitely worth checking out for Man Mantis’ second remix, which was previously unreleased. You can wait for the iTunes release later this week, or snag it for free for a limited time on Bandcamp.

#WAW: Small Professor - The Old Eleven

Apr 11, 2012

For the latest single in our World Around Wednesday series, we’ve got a jazzy banger from special guest Small Professor. Fresh off the release of his insanely dope debut album, Gigantic, Vol. 1, the workaholic producer is moving faster than ever in 2012.

… not that you could tell from this perfectly paced and lushly orchestrated number.The Old Eleven is a showcase of Small Pro’s best traits: a musical ear, an experimental mind, and everything anchored with drums that BANG, in a caps lock kinda way. Dig it.

You can connect with Small Professor on Twitter, Facebook and Bandcamp. He will never let you down. Also, be sure to check out Gigantic, Vol. 1, available on iTunes and Amazon.

The Old Eleven, of course, is available as a free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. We’ll be back with another single in the World Around Wednesday series on April 25th.

#WAW: Algorhythms - Open Ended

Mar 28, 2012

For the 9th installment of our World Around Wednesdays series, Algorhythms return with their first track in a year. Open Ended is a psychedelic slice of conceptual rap from one of our founding acts. As they gear up for a summer of touring and writing, they’ve been back at Vault 46, laying out a new set and a series of singles. Expect things to get stranger from here.

The first Algorhythms EP, one of our most downloaded releases, is still free as could be.

Open Ended is available as a free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. We’ll be back with another installment in the World Around Wednesday series on April 11th.

VIDEO: Zilla Rocca - Devil's Pie

Mar 27, 2012

#WAW: Stargazing feat. DLO

Mar 14, 2012

World Around Wednesday #8 comes to us from Naturetone, who’s been hard at work finishing Turnings of the Sun — the highly-anticipated followup to his 2010 debut album Nihon. The lead-off single features an appearance from emcee from dumate frontman DLO the Iceman, who drops a conceptual narrative from the sun’s point of view. Check out Stargazing:

Turnings of the Sun will be available via World Around Records later this Spring.

Stargazing is available as a free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. We’ll be back with another installment in the World Around Wednesday series on March 28th!

Zilla Rocca - Full Spectrum 2 (L'Orange Remix) feat. Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle

Mar 13, 2012

The latest single from our resident pulp raconteur Zilla Rocca dropped over at Word Is Bond today, and this time around he’s rolled out a remix of Full Spectrum 2 featuring a beat from the homie L’Orange, who recently made a bunch of noise with his album Old Soul. Check it out:

The track is yet another installment in the impromptu Full Spectrum anthology, which will be released as a single collection via iTunes and other channels in the near future. Stay tuned!

And check out more from L’Orange:
Bandcamp / @LOrangeMusic

PremRock & Willie Green - Diary of a Dreamer (Man Mantis Remix)

Mar 05, 2012

Friends of the World Around family PremRock & Willie Green released the Reassembled edition of their self-titled debut album today, featuring new interpretations of songs from the 2011 original by a bunch of producers, including greats like Blockhead, Has-Lo and our very own Man Mantis. Check out his version of Diary of a Dreamer:

The album also includes a few unreleased tracks and a bunch of Willie Green’s original instrumentals. Definitely worth the $5. Grab it over at the duo’s Bandcamp.

And check out more from the fam:
Willie Green: Bandcamp / @WillieGreen1
PremRock: Bandcamp / @PlanetPremRock

#WAW: IV the Polymath & Thirtyseven - The Frame

Feb 29, 2012

For World Around Wednesday #7, we’ve got a lush, dark banger from IV the Polymath, providing the canvas for Thirtyseven to unload a Dali rant which ultimately veers into 2 minutes of political science. Check it out:

We were honored to have IV aboard for this one. He’s having a stellar year so far, and this track comes on the heels of his latest record, the highly acclaimed New vs. Old.

The Frame is available as a free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. We’ll be back with the next installment in the World Around Wednesday series on March 14th.

#WAW: Big Day for the Little People

Feb 15, 2012

World Around Wednesday #6 comes to us from Thirtyseven:

I spent about a year in Mars Hill, North Carolina clearing brush in the mountains and playing bass every night, and the only rap CD I had was Alaskan Fishermen’s Fire and Ice. Most of my favorite rappers are forgotten masters like Sir Menelik and Motion Man, and so when Godforbid agreed to work with me, it was such an accomplishment that I spent about 3 years celebrating and completely blew all traces of a deadline like a f’ing teenager. Such is life in the fast lane. Today, I return to Boston, refreshed by weeks in Blue Ridge Mountains clearing brush on drugs, and so I wanted to drop a lost demo for the party people. Get hip to That Handsome Devil & American Style Cardboard and buy all of their shit if you have any disposable investment capital. There is more on the way.

Apparently, this song was originally recorded sometime during 2007 for the now-defunct Attack of the Mobile Rotting Machines project. It appeared briefly on the dread MySpace, and the beat was featured on Dr. Quandary’s Freestyle Fondue! tape, but this is the first time it’s been made available for widespread release. If this track and these pictures are any indicator, future material from these two should prove to be some next level stuff.

Big Day for the Little People is available as a free download ...

Wrecking Crew feat. Boogieman Dela & Dave Little - Pulp Banga 101 (prod. Small Professor)

Feb 09, 2012

Philadelphia’s Wrecking Crew (consisting of core members Zilla Rocca, Has-Lo & Curly Castro) has been masterminding their Wu-Tang Pulp project for a minute now, and with the album release not far down the line, they’ve dropped another righteous re-imagining of a classic Wu track. Get schooled in the trade with Pulp Banga 101, and check the squad’s Soundcloud for previous Wu-Tang Pulp singles.


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