Adam Kadmon - "Private Tigers"

Nov 12, 2014

New music from Adam Kadmon is a rare and momentous event. It is also a complicated process, a maze of midnight meetings, analog tapes, and mysterious envelopes. Based on the postmark, Kadmon is currently located in Burma. That’s about all we know about him these days.

If you dig the method and the madness here, check out his recent EP, The Mysterious Spectacles of Adam Kadmon, Vol. 1 - he has recently threatened us with “way more of that sort of stuff,” so expect stranger horizons in the near future.

Cover art here is courtesy of The Memetic Supply Co.

The Mysterious Spectacles of Adam Kadmon Vol. 1

Aug 26, 2014

These songs and instrumental pieces were collected between the dark winter of 2010 and late 2012 during fleeting, infrequent interactions with the rap hermit/electrician who goes by the name of Adam Kadmon.

Running at under sixteen minutes, there doesn’t appear to be any traditional “sampling” on the EP — only psychedelic vocal and synth manipulations, oscillating between avant-garde hip hop and veritable classical motifs offered up as interludes. The lyrics are as good as ever if you can catch the loose, symbolic and serpentine narratives. Yet, the original man, behind the mask, still remains a mystery.

Still, Adam Kadmon promises us: new music looms. In the confines of his new studio shelter, experimentation is ongoing and writing never stops. We expect to have a second serving of these unique flavors in early 2015.

Classic Logo Shirts Now Available!

May 18, 2011

Now available in our newly-opened store on BigCartel, our Classic Logo shirts feature an original design by Cole Eggen that was among the many emblems used by World Around Records in the early days.

Each one of these pre-shrunk, 100% ring-spun cotton shirts is individually hand-screened by our team of artificers at World Around East and shipped to you swiftly via USPS Priority Mail.

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Long, Hot Summer Update

Aug 16, 2010

dumate live hip hop MPC

First up, the Madison heavyweight hip hop live band dumate has been having an amazing year, and to celebrate, they’re offering their full length album, We Have the Technology, for free through Bandcamp. Click here to get yours. This is a limited time offer deal.

The dumate team has been very, very busy this year…especially MPC player / producer Man Mantis. He’s dropped an experimentally awesome EP’s with J. Dante, Whole New World, and a classic-flavored EP with dumate emcee DLO titled The IceMantis EP, which has been getting great reviews.

I mean, really great reviews. The Onion’s A/V Club gave it an “A” rating, concluding that the dumate crew was “grotesquely underrated on both a local and national scale.” Amen.

Up next, Man Mantis is working on an instrumental release, Cities Without Houses. Based on what I’ve heard, I think it’s going to make some serious noise for him…stay tuned.

We’ve got a lot of extremely dope producers on the World Around roster.

This year has seen incredible releases from nearly all of them. First we dropped Naturetone’s debut, Nihon, an ambitious and exotic tribute to the music and culture of Japan. Naturetone was fortunate enough to make a pilgrimage there this year…and he got married this year, too!

Then came Dr. Quandary’s magnum opus, Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter. It’s been a trip watching this release ripple through Teh Internets — we see a ...

New Music: "Space Rock"

Dec 01, 2009

<a href="">Space Rock by Louis Mackey</a>

Available exclusively through Bandcamp, Louis Mackey brings you a psyched out web-single with a truly epic sound. The free download includes the new song Space Rock, the B-side Hades Isn’t Real featuring Adam Kadmon and, in true single fashion, instrumental versions of both tracks.

You can preview the whole thing by using the player above, and grab it for your collection by clicking the download link.

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