s. maharba: Internets Famous

After the 2008 release of his mind-bending, lucid-dream-inducing EP She, UK producer s.maharba wasted no time in creating a stellar followup — a short-form, self-titled beat tape (yes, tape as in cassette) for our esteemed colleagues at Sassbologna Records. The tape sold quickly through its initial run and went out of print, after which it was made available for free via Bandcamp.

Since then, the record has becoming a startling viral success. Every week, our Google Alerts hip us to new blogs and podcasts from all over the world that sing its praises, including some heavy hitters like INQ and even Steady Bloggin’. All the buzz is great news for S, who will be re-releasing the album in a sexy vinyl package this year, including brand-new silk-screened artwork and a side order of banging bonus tracks. It’s being handled by our good friends at Ocular Science, so we guarantee it’ll be quality.

Stay tuned for more information on the re-release, and check out “When I Go to Sleep” in the meantime — people can’t seem to get enough of this joint.

<a href="">When I Go To Sleep by s.maharba</a>

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