#WAW: Everything, Everywhere, Always

Louis Mackey has had a hell of a year in 2011. He released an epic concept album with Dr. Quandary, dropped a nihilist braggadoccio classic with Thirtyseven (most of which he also produced) and joined Algorhythms for the majority of their Love Supreme Tour. Now Louis is back behind the boards, working on the much-anticipated followup to his 2010 instrumental album, Destroyer of All Things.

This latest glimpse into his catalog has all of the tell-tale hallmarks of Lou’s production: big banging drums, languid funk guitar licks, and a laid-back downtempo groove which is guaranteed to cause some serious head-nodding. We still don’t have any official word on the timetable for the DOAT sequel, but if this track is any indicator, it’s going to be one smooth ride.

Everything, Everywhere, Always is available as a free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. We’ll return early next year with our annual compilation and more World Around Wednesday singles!

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