• Louis Mackey - "Magician in the Mountain"

    The World Around Wednesdays single series has returned, leading off with a triumphant lucid dream from our poet laureate Louis Mackey.

  • #WAW: Algorhythms - Open Ended

    World Around Wednesday #9 features a brand new cut from Thirtyseven & Dr. Quandary.

  • #WAW: Oneiric Field Mandala

    For the first World Around Wednesday single of 2012, Dr. Quandary brings us on a dream-quest across psychedelic sands.

  • #WAW: Everything, Everywhere, Always

    For the fourth entry in our World Around Wednesdays single series, Louis Mackey returns with a mellow heavy funk instrumental.

  • #WAW: Bad Weather Classic (Dr. Quandary Remix)

    For the third edition of World Around Wednesdays, we’re teaming with Three Dollar Pistol to bring you a Dr. Quandary twist on one of Zilla Rocca’s most murderous motion pictures.

  • #WAW: The Patience

    Humpasaur Jones returns over a dark, dusty beat from Louis Mackey for the second edition of our bi-weekly singles series, World Around Wednesdays.

  • #WAW: Gonna Die Here

    We’re kicking off our new bi-weekly World Around Wednesdays download series with a brand new single from Man Mantis.