Humpasaur Jones

Humpasaur Jones is a joke that got all too real. Starting with the feverishly funky EP Keep It Moist, Thirtyseven's old school sex rap side-project has evolved into something more cinematic and sensual. The common thread remains the same, though: sharp lyrics, mosaic concepts, total unpredictability and a shady gallery of cohorts such as Devastate, Signifire and DJ Squid.

Humpasaur Jones

  • Breakup Music

    This almost didn't happen. Too raw, too weird, too short. Dig it.

    Five years after Keep It Moist, Humpasaur Jones returns with an EP-length look at the darker side of sex rap. The Vermont wordsmith bares his soul over a selection of dusty, derelict backdrops ...

  • Keep it Moist

    The concept was simple: have as much fun making an album as humanly possible. The result: feverish, funky and fast-paced sex rap from Thirtyseven and a ton of producers – DJ Squid, Prophis, Dr. Quandary, Face-One and of course, DJ Multiple Sex Partners.

    This is the sleeper ...