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Over the course of six years and more than 30 releases, we've managed to stockpile a lot of extra material from our family of artists. In 2012, we partnered with philosopher, podcaster and rap historian Elmattic to put together this mix of unreleased tracks and rarities plucked from the World Around vaults.

"Fundamentalists get frothier on the daily worldwide – the last gasp of superstition in the face of the future we already live in. We got the potential and the dangers to remake the world like never before, but motherfuckers just wanna argue about gay marriage and whether women should be allowed to go to school. Let me show you this CGI video about creationism on my iPad. I'm finna fly in this jumbo jet to kill this Dutch dude whose cartoon insulting The Prophet I saw on the internet. That's some irrational geographics, son.

These joints though? Pay attention, you might learn something."

– Elmattic

Godforbid - AMRM Shit Humpasaur Jones - I Rule You (prod. DJ Squid) Louis Mackey - Voodoo Child (prod. Dr. Quandary Humpasaur Jones - I Don't Know (prod. Dr. Quandary) Zilla Rocca - Untitled WA Demo (prod. Dr. Quandary) Observe - Octopus Blood Is Black (feat. Man Mantis) Man Mantis - The Whiz 5 O'Clock Shadowboxers - We Got Fangs This Year (feat. Alex Ludovico & Curly Castro) (prod. by Zilla Rocca) Chris Dizzy - Punch You In the Face (prod. Spesh the Lone 1) STINK TANK - Legendary (DJ MSP Remix) Eugenics (Louis Mackey & Dotkom) - Oohhhhh Adam Kadmon - Salt Mines Chris Dizzy - Animals Daimyo - Weathered Skeleton Louis Mackey - Beautiful Women (prod. Man Mantis) Daimyo - Evening On Ganymede Humpasaur Jones - Instant Production Music (prod. Man Mantis) Dr. Quandary - Like Clockwork (Particles 2) STINK TANK - Leland Palmer (prod. Dr. Quandary) DJ Multiple Sex Partners - Morphballs MSP