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STINK TANK™ was formed in the summer of 2006 by producer Man Mantis and wordsmith Laduma Nguyuza. Inspired by the trends they saw permeating the world of hip hop, the two sought to create a conceptual statement featuring a microcosm of players, haters and wannabe rappers.

Utilizing Mantis’ timeless beats as a foundation, Nguyuza cycles through playing four distinct characters: his main alter-ego Dudu Stinks, gangster rapper Jimmy French Fries, midwestern white boy Billy Buffalo, and the deceased spirit of his old alias Mr. Parker. By giving each his own voice and styles of delivery, he develops a complex and original one-man group album.

In the tradition of MF DOOM and Wu-Tang, Mantis and Stinks weave together an alternate universe in which a cast of characters at once satirize and transcend common conceptions of hip hop music.