Dr. Quandary

Official World Around Alumnus

Dr. Quandary is a pack of wild dogs masquerading as a man. He makes dusty, sample-heavy beats primarily inspired by the psychedelic music of the late 1960s. If you or a loved one has had an encounter with Dr. Quandary, please visit to report your sighting.

Dr. Quandary

  • Sigils

    Dr. Quandary's Sigils is a collection of short-form experimental beats, contrasting the lush samplescapes of 2010's Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter with sparse, minimalist arrangements, while still complementing their dreamy, cinematic ambiance.

  • Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter

    Boston-based alchemist/producer Dr. Quandary didn't have the budget to make the most ambitiously weird multi-million dollar science fiction movie of all time, but he did give us the soundtrack.  Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter is a lush, cinematic album that pushes instrumental ...

  • Quanny Sitar

    On Dr. Quandary's first solo release with World Around Records, the elusive beatmaker weaves a short-burst psychedelic tribute to the music of India, combining elements of everything from tabla-heavy traditional music to mid-70's Bollywood soundtracks.