Man Mantis

Official World Around Alumnus

Man Mantis is a DJ, producer and multimedia artist from Denver, Colorado. Following the release of his first album, Dawn of the Def, he worked continuously to polish a unique sound, which seamlessly blends the soulful, organic feel of samples with glistening synthesizers and crisp drums, culminating in Cities Without Houses, his incredible debut LP on World Around Records.

For years, Mantis was a fixture of the local music scene in Madison, Wisconsin, where he worked extensively with various groups including dumate and STINK TANK, as well as producing tracks for a diverse range of artists such as F.Stokes, John Record and K. Raydio.

After returning to his hometown in 2012, Mantis teamed up with the newly-formed (and, sadly, short-lived) beat label Potholes Music, and founded a regular live beat event called Audiodrome. He later joined forces with former Anticon member Sole, producing a number of tracks for his album A Ruthless Criticism of Everything Existing.

In 2014, Mantis joined the ranks of Shoeboxx Recordings, where he's been regularly featured on their annual compilation series.

Man Mantis

  • Cities Without Houses

    Released exclusively on World Around Records, Cities Without Houses is the follow up to Man Mantis's well-regarded Sea Ambulance EP, and is filled with the same kind of druggy, highly orchestrated sonic landscapes that made its predecessor so intriguing. Produced, mixed and mastered entirely by ...

  • Sea Ambulance EP

    Showcasing Man Mantis' highly stylized, ultra-modern sound, the Sea Ambulance EP is a seductive and psychedelic blend of shimmering synthesizers and expertly-manipulated samples. Meant as a precursor and companion piece to his forthcoming full-length opus Cities Without Houses, this collection includes select advance tracks, b-sides and ...

  • The Best of Man Mantis

    A hand-picked collection of some of Man Mantis' favorite tracks from the past six years, featuring guest appearances from a diverse assembly of artists. DLO dumate Stink Tank Dudu Stinks Laduma Nguyuza

  • Dawn of the Def

    First released in April of 2005 on the now-defunct imprint Loretta Masterworks Ltd., Dawn of the Def was Man Mantis' solo debut, presented as the original score to the fictitious film of the same name. A dark, seamless tapestry of soulful samples, World Around Records is ...