11/11: DJ MSP and Dr. Quandary

World Around is run by techno-mystics, so we pay attention to the business work of Ian Rogers, but we also listen closely to the Zodiac work of Baron Samadhi.

November 11th is a very auspicious day, so our resident producer/weirdo tag team have both dropped something new.

First, DJ Multiple Sex Partners presents what he calls “an EP single” named Mahdi Rock.

“This is a tribute to the music of Africa — specifically, Mali. Ever since getting introduced to Ali Farka Toure and Lobi Traore, I’ve been increasingly obsessed with the melodies and rhythms of the Sahara. Mahdi Rock stands as a sign of things to come.”

<a href="">Mahdi Rock by DJ Multiple Sex Partners</a>

Next up: Boston-based beatsmith Dr. Quandary has released a preview track from his upcoming album, Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter. The name of the song is Eleven Eleven and it’s a perfect example of how insane his album sounds. Huge, orchestrated, and meticulous, Dr. Quandary has created something timeless and distinct…we can’t wait to put this album out. (But we have to.)

<a href="">Eleven Eleven by Dr. Quandary</a>

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