New Album: The Dioscuri

On the heels of his instrumental debut Destroyer of All Things, Louis Mackey has broken the silence for his new project with beat wizard Dr. Quandary, The Dioscuri. Fusing concepts from ancient Greek and Roman epics with the dreamy, guitar-laden ambiance of psychedelic rock, the two created an incredibly unique hip-hop record that is utterly unlike anything else you will hear in 2011.

In honor of the release, Quandary artfully mashed elements of the album together with some of the obscure sword-and-sandal movies that inspired it. The resultant “short film” adds awesome visual life to some of the album’s great conceptual moments.

You can stream the full album for free here at If you dig it, the download is available exclusively through Louis Mackey’s Bandcamp page for just $5.99.

<a href="">The Dioscuri by Louis Mackey &amp; Dr. Quandary</a>

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