The Mysterious Spectacles of Adam Kadmon

These songs and instrumental pieces were collected between the dark winter of 2010 and late 2012 during fleeting, infrequent interactions with the rap hermit/electrician who goes by the name of Adam Kadmon.

Running at under sixteen minutes, there doesn’t appear to be any traditional “sampling” on the EP — only psychedelic vocal and synth manipulations, oscillating between avant-garde hip hop and veritable classical motifs offered up as interludes. The lyrics are as good as ever if you can catch the loose, symbolic and serpentine narratives. Yet, the original man, behind the mask, still remains a mystery.

Still, Adam Kadmon promises us: new music looms. In the confines of his new studio shelter, experimentation is ongoing and writing never stops. We expect to have a second serving of these unique flavors in early 2015.

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