Man Mantis

Official World Around Alumnus

Man Mantis is a DJ, producer and multimedia artist from Denver, Colorado. Following the release of his first album, Dawn of the Def, he worked continuously to polish a unique sound, which seamlessly blends the soulful, organic feel of samples with glistening synthesizers and crisp drums, culminating in Cities Without Houses, his incredible debut LP on World Around Records.

For years, Mantis was a fixture of the local music scene in Madison, Wisconsin, where he worked extensively with various groups ...

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Official World Around Alumnus

In 2005, dumate made their debut with the self-released album, dumate Rite: The Known Knowns. In the four ensuing years, core members Laduma Nguyuza (aka Dudu Stinks) and drummer/vocalist Jah Boogie continued to tighten up their live show, and expanded their ranks to include bassist Bobby Peru, rapper/producer D.L.O. the Iceman, and producer/MPC wizard Man Mantis.

Their second album & World Around debut, 2009’s We Have The Technology, was released to widespread acclaim, eventually going ...

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