Louis Mackey

Louis Mackey is a double-threat: as a rapper, he seeks to unite the rhythmic, multisyllabic structures of Golden Era hip-hop with their long-estranged roots in humankind’s most ancient poetic and bardic traditions. As a producer, he slings only the finest in high-velocity funk bangers with signature psychedelic swagger. Since the release of his debut album, Funky Motherfucker, Yeah back in 2009, he's done his fair share of both, including his vaunted instrumental EP Destroyer of All Things and ...

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Algorhythms is a collaborative experiment in psychedelic rap, featuring a seamless integration of thought-provoking lyrics by Thirtyseven and lush, conceptual soundscapes by Dr. Quandary. After the surprising underground success of their debut Algorhythms EP, the duo started pulling together a group of their friends & collaborators to lay the groundwork for what would eventually become World Around Records.

After years of solo work, side projects and singles, Algorhythms returned in 2014 with the self-released Algorhythms: Deluxe Edition, a fully remastered version ...

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Humpasaur Jones

Humpasaur Jones is a joke that got all too real. Starting with the feverishly funky EP Keep It Moist, Thirtyseven's old school sex rap side-project has evolved into something more cinematic and sensual. The common thread remains the same, though: sharp lyrics, mosaic concepts, total unpredictability and a shady gallery of cohorts such as Devastate, Signifire and DJ Squid.

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